Untold stories + Beautiful aesthetic

Hi. I’m Daniel: I’m a cinematographer


Video has been a strong theme in my life. Growing up in the midwest, my friends and I carried camcorders everywhere we went. As high schoolers, we made short films - we liked to compare them to Monty Python - and while studying film in college, I had the opportunity to travel to Ethiopia to document HIV relief work. That changed everything.

I saw the potential to use video to change lives. To bring awareness. To share stories that matter.


So, I finished school, packed everything I owned into my Geo Prizm, and moved to Baltimore. Over the next 7 years, I produced and filmed with agencies, production houses, indie producers, and friends, collaborating with some of the most inspiring brands and companies across the world. Baltimore, New York, Grand Rapids, Dallas, Los Angeles, Reykjavík, London, São Paulo, Addis Ababa. I work hard, have an easy personality, and am devoted to the study of my craft. 


I believe  :  In the ink of expectation. That there's redemption in pain. That easy isn't automatically better. Those moments in life - they're better next to friends. Collaboration > solo. Family is key.



Slide up to my bar. 


I'm a cinematographer, a musician, a sailor, a rock climber, a brewer of beers, and a sipper of cocktails. While I'd love to share all of these things with you, working together or grabbing a beer after work are easily the quickest options!

These are some of my favorites. Test out a new recipe. Try a few beers you've never had. Or better yet, let's meet up for a drink sometime to discuss your next project. First one's on me.

Daniel Martinez




Baltimore, Maryland

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